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    A Tizra Document Dashboard

    The documents below were gathered from public sources and are presented here as a demonstration of Tizra software capabilities including…

    • Flexible, full-text search—Every page offers search options appropriate to the context. You can search all documents, narrow to a particular topic, or even search a single document.
    • Page-at-a-time linking and viewing—Every page of every document acts just like a normal web page. You can bookmark it, email it, Tweet it, etc., and links will lead straight to the desired page, not to a long document you have to download.
    • Mobile access—Page-at-a-time viewing also makes it easy to search and read even long documents on web-enabled mobiles including the iPhone.
    • Easy site management and design—This may not be apparent unless you know that this site was built in a few hours by one person without any particular technical or design skills. As a result, we'll be able to update and add content regularly at minimal expense.

    Feel free to contact us with suggestions or comments. Or visit our main site to learn more about Tizra.

    Senate Health Education, Labor & Pensions Committee